LHD Cars Wanted

Top 5 FAQ’s 

Q; Do “LHD Cars Wanted” collect cars?
A; Yes, collection is FREE within the UK
Q; Are there any costs in addition to the purchase of my car?
A; NO there are no costs for registration, payments, collection etc.
Q; How long does the process take including collection?
A; Within 48 hours but usually within 24 hours
Q; How is payment made for my car?
A; payment is by bank transfer which is fast and secure
Q; Are payments made before collection?
A; Yes payments are cleared funds and made before we take the car away

Selling a LHD car in the UK

Selling a LHD car in the UK is simple, depending on the country of registration there is a process that applies to each country registration. We can assist with the paperwork in any case including imports from outside the EU. We will be happy to buy any LHD car from any country and have the knowledge and experience to complete the process in the same way as if the car were being sold in its home country. The payment we use is bank transfer which is secure and in most cases instant if paid to a UK bank.

Buying a LHD car in the UK

Buying a LHD car in the UK is basically the same as buying any other car in the UK. If the transaction is made in the UK then the law is the same as if you were buying a RHD UK registered car. The paperwork may be different but the ownership passes from the previous owner subject to the owner having the authority to sell the car and that there are no loans, debts or finance registered against it which means it is essential to understand what paperwork and process is required with each different country origin.

Checking a LHD car

If the car is on UK plates then the process to check it would be the same as any UK registered car and there are checks that can be done with HPI and RAC.
To check a Spanish registered car it is necessary to have an Informe done to see if there are any loans, fines etc registered against the vehicle. This can be perfomed by any Gestoria in Spain, it is also possible to check the vehicle using carfax.es
To check a French registered vehicle it is necessary to do a ‘Non Gage’ check on the government website in France. This is simple and free, please contact us for help.

Driving a LHD car

Driving a LHD car after having only driven RHD cars can be a little disorientating at first but in my experience it usually takes people around half an hour of driving to get the hang of it! The pedals, gears, indicators are all the same just on the other side of the car! We can offer LHD driving tuition to help new LHD drivers get the hang of it before driving abroad, please let us know.

Registering an imported car in the UK

Registering an imported car into the UK is straightforward and can be completed quickly depending on the age and origin of the vehicle, we can provide this service, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

UK MOT for LHD cars

Any LHD car can get a UK MOT as long as the vehicle complies with specification for use in the UK which means headlights that dip to the left, a fog light fitted to the offside rear of the vehicle and the speedometer that reads in MPH. Many cars already have the features necessary for the MOT, please contact us for free advice.

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